A Touch of Paradise

A.T.O.P. Provides Live music with professional musicians, emcee as well as Live Tahitian Drumming. With an array of colorful costumes, dances represented by some of Polynesia's most popular Islands, our lovely polynesian maidens will keep you captivated as their hips sway and move in time to the beat of the drums.. We also include a fun lesson during the show with our ever popular audience participation.  We are a family orientated production.

We can provide a service to fit your needs. From big to small venues, from corporate parties, weddings, to birthday parties. Whatever your need, we can provide!  

Note: Dining music/Lei greeting *upon request*
Hula/Tahitian Lessons
A.T.O.P.  Offers Hula and Tahitian lesson's.
>Learn the basics to Intermediate of polynesian dances from Hawaii and Tahiti.
>Learn a new culture while strengthing your core, become graceful and fluid in your movements. 
>Additional classes offered - Maori and Samoan.

Note: Advancement is offered once skill level is determined by Kumu/Tumu/Instructor.

**Open Enrollment first Saturday's of the month**
Tahitian Drumming

Tahitian drumming has an extremely rich history. Traditionally there are three main instruments: Tariparau o
r pahu(bass drum), fa’atete(bongo) drum which can be struck with hands or drum sticks, and the third is the most challenging of the trio the to'ere which is one of the main sounds in tahitian drumming. A hollowed out log usually made from milo, kamani or kou wood, native to tahiti. Tahitian drumming and dancing is known as an ote'a 

A.T.O.P. offer's basic lesson's.  To learn more about any of our lesson's, click on contact.

Original Music 

​Coming Soon!